Tribhuvan University is the oldest national university of Nepal which provides courses in a large number of disciplines. In view of the need of trained manpower in the field of Engineering Geology in the country, and having a wide scope internationally, the M. Sc. Engineering Geology Program has been established under TU. Presently engineering geology has a wide application in areas of engineering, primarily in investigation of geological conditions that may affect the design, construction, operation and maintenance of large scale engineering projects such as dams, tunnels, highways, water resources development, and natural hazard mitigation and environmental anagement. The aim of this course is to produce required manpower who can competently work in the field of Engineering Geology and capable of fulfilling the present demand of the industry and academia.


The objectives of the present curriculum are to

  • Produce high‐level and competent manpower in the field of engineering geology as per the need of the country and international demand.
  • Provide advanced and latest knowledge to students with sufficient geological, geotechnical and engineering base required for the practical application and research in engineering geology profession.
  • Involve students in research activities to create broad research and analytical skills, and provide practical experience in the field of engineering geology. Create research facilities and environment for collaborations and cooperation with universities and institutions internationally.


The candidates who have passed the B.Sc. course in Geology from the Tribhuvan University or the B.Sc. course in Geology from any other equivalent universities or institutions shall be considered eligible for admission to the M.Sc. course in Engineering Geology. They should have also attended the prescribed geological field training at the B.Sc. level.

Admission Criteria

The applicants will have to appear in an entrance examination of two hours' duration conduced by the Central Department of Geology. The applicant who fails to appear in the Entrance Examination or fails to obtain a minimum qualifying score will not be allowed admission. A merit list of the qualified applications will be prepared based on the percentage of marks in their B.Sc. Examination (20%) and marks obtained by them in the Entrance examination (80%). Admission of the students will be based strictly on the merit list and the enrolment capacity of the concerned institution.

Medium of Instruction: English

Duration of the program. Four semesters completed in two academic years. A student should complete the

course within 5 years.

Hours of Instruction and Credit Calculation

Working days: 90 days per semester

Semester: 4

Total credits: 70

Full marks: 1750


One credit = 15 lecture hours and 25 marks

One theory paper of one credit will have one hour of lecture per week.


One credit = 45 labwork hours and 25 marks

One practical paper of 1 credit will have 3 hours of practical per week.

Field work

One credit = 56 field work/lecture hours and 25 marks.

Field work will have 56 lectures/work hours per week.


The dissertation carries four credits. The student shall have to prepare a dissertation in the 4th semester. The

dissertation will ordinarily include from 4 to 6 weeks of fieldwork.


Theory Paper

Forty percent (40%) marks as internal assessment and it is assessed by concerned teacher on the basis of

assignments, attendance, seminar and internal examination. 60% mark is allocated for Final examination.


The practical work is evaluated separately (100%).


The dissertation will be submitted to the Scientific Committee of the Central Department of Geology. The dissertation will be examined by the Scientific Committee according to the rules and regulations of the Committee, the date for the defense of the dissertation will be fixed by the scientific committee of the central department of the Geology, Tribhuvan University.


All students should present at least one paper allocated to him on the regular seminar of the Program and attain all seminars given by other students. The students are evaluated by assessing their presentation and attendance in seminars given by other candidates.


Students must pass all compulsory papers separately. The pass marks for both theory and practical is 50%. The performance of student shall be made on a four point scale ranging from 0 to 4 grades. A student must secure a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.7 or Grade B minus (B) in each course. The absolute grading scale will be as follows:

Grade CGPA Percentage Equivalent Performance Remarks
A 4.0 90 and above Distinction
A‐ 3.7 80‐89.9 Very good
B+ 3.3 70‐79.9 First Division
B 3 60‐69.9 Second Division
B‐ 2.7 50‐59.9 Pass in Individual Subject
F 0 below 50 Fail


The successful candidates who have passed all the examinations in theoretical and practical subjects, fieldwork, project works, seminar and dissertation work, will obtain a certificate of Master of Science in Engineering Geology from Tribhuvan University.

Detail course of first semester can be downloaded from here.

Detail course of second semester can be downloaded from here.

Detail course of third and fourth semester can be downloaded from here.

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