There are highly qualified faculties associated with the Department of Geology. There are eight permanent faculties having specialization in different fields of geology. Besides these permanent faculties, there are ten more faculties working as part-times teachers and visiting faculties. The permanent faculties and their specialization is given below. 

No. Name Degree (Country) Post Subject
Regular Academic Staff
1 Dr. Tara Nidhi Bhattarai Ph.D. (Japan) Professor  Engineering Geology, Rock Mechanics
Mr. Madan Ratna Manandhar M. Sc. (Nepal) Associate Professor Mineralogy and Crystallography
Dr. Prakash Das Ulak Ph. D. (Japan) Associate Professor Sedimentary and Stratigraphy
Mr. Mukunda Raj Paudel M.Sc. (Japan) Associate Professor Historical Geology
5 Dr. Prem Bahadur Thapa Ph.D. (Japan)
Postdoc (Germany, USA)
Associate Professor Engineering Geology, Remote Sensing and GIS
6 Dr. Ananta Prasad Gajurel Ph. D. (France)
Postdoc (USA)
Associate Professor Sedimentology, Tectonics, and  Igneous Petrology
Dr. Subodh Dhakal Ph. D. (Japan) Lecturer Engineering Geology, Landslides,  Metamorphic Petrology
Dr. Deepak Chamlagain Ph. D. (Japan) Lecturer Tectonics
Dr. Ashok Sigdel Ph.D (Japan) Lecturer Sedimentology and Paleoclimate
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